23 thoughts to “Mushrooms”

  1. That’s some serious hallucinations~
    he’s able to stay in sit position on air~
    that takes real skill to float like that~

  2. I’m sorry guys, I just can’t buy the legitimacy of this comic =/

    He’s pooping in the street like a pro! There’s no way this is his first time doing shrooms. Usually ‘Shroom noobs are busy pooping near the sidewalk, pooping in a sewer grate, or getting ran over by a car, but this guy… This guy has the technique down to perfection. This is textbook pooping in the street fundamentals.

    Or maybe he’s so tripped out that he forgot all the other times he did shrooms 😮

    This… this is what I love about Toonhole :), You guys get me thinking.

  3. I think the woman in front is more interested than disgusted.

    He also seems to be straining more than he should, and the poop isn’t exactly the “runs”.

    Twofold hallucinations, nice.


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