MLK Assassination

12 thoughts to “MLK Assassination”

    1. Nonsense, this is showing that Freddy doesn’t discriminate at all! He’ll kill anyone who has a dream, white, black, asian, european, lesbian, gay, man, woman, Christian, Mormon, Anyone!

      *sigh* I dream of a world where everyone is so indiscriminate…

      Wait a second, oh shit I phrased that wrong, what I meant to say was
      asdfasdg8ije;bvd ,mcx

  1. Wow, Freddy Krueger? I thought he died like 10 years ago. Or maybe I dreamed he died. Shit, am I still dreaming? OMG HELP ME!!!

  2. This is the edgiest cartoon I’ve seen so far. It barely avoids being too offensive. Hats off, Mr Martinez.

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