10 thoughts to “Meat Is Murder”

  1. The meaning of life: getting free just to be dismembered by a couple of starving stray dogs… and maybe run in circles without head for a few seconds

    1. It’s actually gouache with a touch of colored pencil. But yeah, this one is 100% traditional. I want to maybe start to sell off some of these originals if there’s any demand for them.

      1. Are you kidding? After digitizing for $50 signed prints, the guy who created Sheldon sells the originals at $175 each!

        Granted, he caters to topics that have a universal buyer load built in (coffee, pugs, certain parental issues) but you have your audience.

        Check out what he does. If I could, I’d buy everyone of each of your strips with tits!

        1. @Ivan Fang I’m a big fan of Dave’s Sheldon; Likewise on the tits.

          @Chris How would you go about pricing the originals? Are you willing to sell any, or only selected ones?

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