Marathon Runner

10 thoughts to “Marathon Runner”

  1. Man, everybody seems worried about it lately
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you copied it or anything, but I read it some days ago and it’s funny that you put a similar comic now.
    BTW, I didn’t comment before, so I’ll take the opportunity to say I love your comics and animations, I think they have some kind of retro cartoon style that makes them really cool.

    1. Thanks, Javi! Glad to have you on board.
      Thanks for not accusing me “stealing” or “copying” this joke. I wrote this one like 5 months ago.
      There are so many people making content on the internet it’s impossible to not see some crossover now and then.

  2. This is actually pretty motivating. The kid could easily have an eating disorder and be living a dream in one way. Sure it’s the virtual way but whatever makes him happy and triumphant.

  3. Pressing buttons on the controller counts as exercise, right?
    Don’t worry about anyone saying “old joke” or “it’s been done before”, everything is a copy, you put your own spin on it


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