20 thoughts to “Make Change”

  1. Nice sales pitch, lol~
    the guy knows his stuff~
    unless he was actually trying to make fun of him~
    the question is why he wanted change in the first place~

      1. didn’t think that most fat people~
        were out and about looking for perfect vending machines~
        well at least they are walking around~
        and not embedded into a couch~

  2. Be the “change” you want to see in the world–in this case, Chubbykins wants the world to be fat AND stupid.

  3. This is awesome! The sales trick is to figure out what the mark might want to buy with the change and upsell him. With me it’s more art supplies, just to spend an even $50.

      1. Sort of both, actually. He was hnaigng out with a guy who wanted to eat Earth, but wound up being a good guy after being exiled to Earth by his former master.OK. I’m hnaigng up my geek hat now.


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