16 thoughts to “Low Carb Diet”

  1. This is horrible. The poor guy clearly wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t have the self control. Why is this a joking matter?

    1. Please tell me, is this the very first comic you saw on this site? Because if it is, I understand… and if not… Why the fucking fuck are you so surprised and butthurt???

    1. I wrote a poem about this word!

      “I Shouldn’t Be Doing This”

      A chef baked a chocolate cake
      that caused quite a sensation.
      A man on a diet would not partake.
      But it was too great a Temptation.
      So he grabbed a slice and stuffed his face,
      inwardly groaning it was a sin.
      That’s the meaning of akras-
      ia—the state of mind he was in.

    1. I like your username. There seems to be a certain irony that the letters PC stands for politically correct & piss cakes but the name piss cakes don’t seem to fit the politically correct agenda. Is that really funny or am I just plain weird?

  2. Mondays are stressful…wait…I remember seeing this earlier.

    I think the time space continuum has affected the server. Did one of you spill coffee all over it?!


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