Live In The Moment

18 thoughts to “Live In The Moment”

    1. So-so comment.

      While on the surface it has no spelling mistakes, and no grammatical errors, looking a little deeper it doesn’t seem to have much substance. It just seems to make two statements without going into any reasoning.

      Overall, I’d have to grade this comment with an N – not quite good enough for a basic pass, but eligible for resubmission.

    1. Alright Keeper I suck, I do not know what is funny and what is not. So why don’t you explain precisely what is funny in this comic? Obviously you consider it very humorous.

      1. You are just an asshole, if you don’t like it, just shut up and go away.
        You don’t need to post that and try to get attention from it.

        Don’t be a bitch and stop poisonning people’s mind (us or john’s) with theses stupids posts

        1. Friend, your mind is already poisoned if you think this is funny. And yes I am going to continue to belittle Johns because they continue to suck. And if you do not like my comments why don’t you shut up and go away, When I open Toonhole I expect funny stuff and not shit. This seriously disturbs me.,

          1. If you want to be sure that would be always great, find someone you could pay for it. And the comic will be a masterpiece each time.

            But, theses guy certainly have another job and doing this website for fun. I don’t think they could have enough profit.

            So, if you don’t pay them you can’t be angry.

          2. It’s easily noticeable how disturbed you are.

            What happened, did John turn you down or something?

            I can see how traumatising that would be, because word is, John will fuck anyTHING. At any time, no questions asked.

            So I guess you must feel quite humiliated for not being good enough(?) for JMartinez, the Fucker of Worlds.

            My condolences.

      2. may not be able to say why something is funny or what’s not, but I can tell you it’s very easy to see you’re a toxic asshole.

        just because you dislike something does not mean you should act like a cunt. You have every right to, sure, but don’t get surprised when people call you for what you are, it’s hypocritical.

          1. ‘Fucker of worlds’ love it, I’m gonna use that on my resume. But on a serious note, I’d totally bang Milan, from Milan to Madrid, to the sunny beaches on Barcelona, all up in them guts. Unfortunately, my dick game is worse than my comics 😉

          2. Ah, so it was a… “performance issue” that caused all this.

            Perfectly understandable, it happens to everyone.

            Well, except me, of course. Don’t listen to those nasty rumours.

          3. John if your dick game is even worse than your comic game then you are impotent. Fuck you, fuck your retarded unfunny comics. Go back to Spictown you wetback faggot.

  1. @ Milan and Keeper:

    Everyone who comes on Toonhole sucks… why do you think the guys keep adding dick jokes at intermittent intervals?

    just laugh at the comic and move on with your life.


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