Learn To Dance

17 thoughts to “Learn To Dance”

  1. Finally, a shitty joke accommodated with sufficiently crapy drawing. This is the type of comic I so desperately need in my life. How do you pull it of Johny?

    1. It’s a subtle and sophisticated subversion of expectation. Peppered lightly with the time honored method of manifesting slapstick into horrific reality. This rich and blended style of comedy is apparently so subtle that it is only I, a simple yet humble gentleman of good comical taste, to explain to the unwashed masses.
      (You know who you are you stinky bastards.)

      1. also ”if i can’t dance then no one can dance, we shall all be equal
        and you shall not have to seek to better yourself for you will all be
        at my level of greatness” i think chairman Mao said that?

        1. A proper gentleman such as I requires no accolades but I accept your praise with noble grace.
          *takes another sip of flat knockoff soda from his crazy straw*

      2. Oh, here I thought it was about taking shortcuts can be pretty painful. Which is true in real life.
        It still gave me a chuckle with this twist ending.


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