26 thoughts to “Knight’s Spoils”

  1. In these comics I keep seeing messages like;
    a) women are sex objects and should be willing to have sex with any man who wants it
    b) fat women are ugly
    c) if a woman is not pretty she should not be treated equally
    d) jizzing on things (especially women) is funny

    the fuck man

    1. Sorry you don’t like them, Displeased. We don’t discriminate against anybody. These are not meant to be moral commandments, just funny gags to be taken lightly. I can appreciate your sentiment, so thanks for sharing. I hope we haven’t lost your viewership.

    2. Displeased: if that’s the message, I whole-heartedly agree with points b) – d). With regard to a) – she didn’t necessarily want to have sex with the knight, she also wanted to be unchained/set free, you dirty-minded silly-pants.

    3. I hate it when someone takes things too seriously. That’s what it’s all about i.m.o.: making fun of stereotypes, exaggerating, sarcasm. Sometimes, we don’t want to see it but when we do, we can only laugh about it and carry on with our boring lives. I really appreciate the work of the Toonhooligans and I hope they’ll never succumb to one’s complaints.

  2. No, man! You should save the fat lump and give her to the king and get an even better reward! You might even get to score with her hotter sister once you go to their palace!

  3. if it wasn’t for newgrounds I wouldn’t be here 3 times a week. Also Your comics are just the kind of thing to remind me other like minded people are still out there just looking to get a laugh out of people with a semi off beat humor.

  4. I don’t care what she looks like if I can get that much gold for myself… I would chose the gold in every scenario.


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