Khaleesi Khartoon Episode 3 – Consensual Khaleesi

8 thoughts to “Khaleesi Khartoon Episode 3 – Consensual Khaleesi”

  1. Dude, my cousin fell for the ‘pill’ crap, and now has a 4 month old and a….thing he lives with.

    Guys, stick with rubbers. You can never be too safe, just too screwed. (Not that I don’t like my new baby cousin, I just don’t like what he was incubated in.♥)

    (I take the pill myself, and there’s days I forget it. Just double up for safety. Safety boys!)

    On a random note though, where’d she get the book o.o was she planning to deny him? XD

  2. “Warriors should always be equipped for battle, including the battle against parenthood.”
    — Mustacheham

  3. I don’t watch “Game of Thrones” and I can’t say I regret it from what little I’ve seen and heard. Does this Khaleesi character always have such a rough time of it?


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