11 thoughts to “Just Married”

    1. I sometimes can’t help but to wonder if it is the same Murphy behind both Bills here. Regardless some “bill” here really seem to love throwing around strange and huge praise at everything Murphy does and you both frequently directly and indirectly advertise Murphy’s comics here in the Toonhole’s comment section.

      If it is indeed the case that what we’re seeing is intentional adverticing all over the place I suggest you stop turning the Toonhole’s comment section into Murphy’s personal adverticing board. If Murphy wants some awesome visitors from this awesome comic to his own presumably (if we’re going to believe the praise) awesome comic then paying for a banner Ad shouldn’t be a problem.

      I’m just a visitor here myself, and I have no idea what the Toonhole people think, but I must say that they seem exceptionally charitable. I’d really hate to see their charity abused to the breaking point whatever it may be.

    2. I mean comments like this just sound surreal coming straight out of the blue.

      “Bill Murphy you are so hilarious! No wonder your comics are so gosh darn funny, you sexy, sexy man!” – Bill

      “I love the animation at the end!” – Murphy
      >>>”I love you.” – Bill

      “Nobody on the show even has that. If you think it’s so funny, you should use it in your own comic.” – Bill
      …well, Bill sure loves Bill’s comic a lot.

      It all sounds especially suspicious when consider that both also have the same ‘hot sexy and somewhat kinky’ writing style

      “Good thing all my friends are HOT!” – Murphy

      I’m not the first one to come to this conclusion either.


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