17 thoughts to “Juice Cleanse”

  1. Er, should I feel stupid that I don’t get why the orange juice is shooting apple juice, other than how it’s portraying possible war crimes of U.S backed forces?

    1. It’s like you just fell from the moon. Everybody knows that the faith difference between the two groups are just irreconcilable- they’re simply too different.

      But don’t let this liberal media one frame propoganda affect your opinion. What they don’t show you is how merely a year ago a band of appelities followers raided a village of oranges, the atrocities they commited were far worse than a simple executions.

      But hey, those are musl…fruits no one gives a shit about what is going on there exept when they need to boost some ratings with a one dimensional hero or a villain narrative.

      Most of the time as far as the wes…eehhh… cow stakes give a damn- the fruits can wipe out each other.

      1. It could just as well be an ISIS/any african country joke.

        actually this is even more likely due to the setting (desert, machine guns on trucks, the casual look of the oranges)…

        1. >desert
          That’s very clearly grass, not sand. Yes it COULD be a ISIS/ African genocide(s) joke but since when did any of those have to do with Hitler wanting a glass of juice?

          1. Jesus guys, it’s obviously talking about the “ethnic cleansing” in bosnia/herzegovina and referencing it with a juice cleanse.

          1. Also ISIS punishes smoking cigarettes with death. Y’know, because Allah wants you to be healthy.

  2. I’d hate to be that last bottle of Apple Juice on the left. Just knowing that the packaging isn’t bulletproof.


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