Joe The Plumber

19 thoughts to “Joe The Plumber”

  1. Dr. Seuss didn’t have any trouble with rhyming words. When he couldn’t find an existing one he just made one up. But there’s already plenty that rhymes with fuck.

  2. As he pulled up to the house,
    He observed in such pain.
    There were leaks in the pipes,
    Clogs in each drain.

    His client seemed chipper
    As a whozilof bear
    But his work was cut out.
    Did the who even care?

    He opened the pipes,
    Looked into the pit, and saw
    Lumnuts and folliwags
    Covered in shit.

    He looked at the who,
    Turned, and entered his truck.
    “But the pipes still need fixing!”
    “I don’t give a fuck.”

    1. Hogwash! There are no rules to poetry!

      (But if it helps, treat the words “and saw” as if they’re part of the next line.)


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