19 thoughts to “Jesus Is Love”

      1. Isis shmisis…

        I’d really like to see Muhammad too!

        The thing is, he doesn’t really exist…

        1. In fairness, there’s no question that Mohammed was a real person with a known place in history. This isn’t like claiming that Santa Claus exists.

          Oddly enough, Muslims believe in Jesus as well, they just state that he was one of many prophets, the last/final of which was Mohammed.

          1. Well, to be fair, Jesus existed too.

            He didn’t have super powers, but with his insanity and makebelief world he did change humanity and the way we treat eachother…

          2. Exactly. I’m just pointing out that your statement “he doesn’t really exist” isn’t supportable. In both cases the physical existence of each man is a known fact, the divinity or religious connection is the only debatable part.

  1. Their question: “Do you have Jesus as your personal saviour?” My answer: “Oh, you mean like a personal masseur?”


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