Islamic State

12 thoughts to “Islamic State”

  1. This hydra would be an immortal suicide bomb.

    Kids can’t handle too much bombs than womens, but that immortal thing could melt beam of thousands of towers

      1. No, my BDSM dream is the one where John zips my gimp mask shut and takes me roughly from behind whilst tugging hard at my nipples

  2. The thing with a hydra is, you cut off one of its head and it grows two more.

    So, why waste your time on a never-ending series of ineffective decapitations when there are plenty of other options available?

    1. Some interpretations of the hydra have them grow back the lost head only, with no net gain. This seems to be that version, with just a static 5 heads.

      Doesn’t change the point of your message, jussayin’


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