6 thoughts to “Intervention”

  1. Reminds me of ‘Fun’ Bobby from Friends, who became ‘Not-so-Fun’ Bobby when he took the pledge.

    (Do people still say ‘took the pledge’?)

      1. Not really a FRIENDS fan, myself, but if something’s on tv and I’m in the room I pick up on things. ‘Fun’ Bobby interested me because he was played by the actor who was Ed in Prey.

  2. … this went EXACTLY where i thought it was going to go.

    i’d say i’ve been here too long, but that implies i want to leave. …i think i’ve finally been here long enough. xD

  3. Boring Jeff could be fun if he smiled & ran around at the park playing on the slippery dip & the swings. Then he wouldn’t need drugs to be fun. Or he could save a lot of energyu & just take drugs


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