15 thoughts to “In a Coma”

  1. Silly joke but I really like it.
    Also nice execution, I especially like the idea of the right guy using his hand to correct the left guy’s spelling.

  2. You’ve all heard of the Apostrophiser*, right?

    Burt obviously fell foul of a more aggressive copycat – You make a mistake, you become the correction!

    *aka the Grammar vigilante, aka the Banksy of Grammar – who ‘works’ down my neck of the woods (in that I walk past his work daily).

    1. I hadn’t heard of him yet. That man is a hero. He deserves a statue, although I bet someone would probably fuck up the grammar of the inscription on the pedestal.

      1. Or is it “on the inscription of the pedestal”? Too many years on the internet have erased, or at least clouded, all that I knew about proper writing. It’s contagious!

        1. It would probably be most correct to say “the inscription on the plaque on the plinth.”

          And they can locate my plinth, ahem, the plinth and statue in Temple Quay, once they finally decide how they’re going to renovate it.

  3. Not bad. BTW, Milan is the only guy keeping these comments from being overwhelmingly pro-writer. I don’t like him personally, but I respect his opinions.


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