12 thoughts to “Improv Group”

  1. And bad improv at that.

    He didn’t say yes, he did not build on top of it.

    Contradicted his own principles in less than 5 seconds.

    Shoot the fucker down.

  2. Actually this joke was clever in its own right. Any uncreative mind would assume they would go the ‘simon says’ route and fulfill the establishing panel and beat of the improv’s expectations before the punchline pulls the rug under our feet once the inevitable, if fairly predictable, setup gets it over with. Great Job.

      1. I believe than anyone can be smart as long as they widen their perspectives and take the right kind of risks…even if they were called nerds for it…in Junior high…excuse me while I go find a corner to crouch down and cry in.

          1. Well ”somebody” will always appreciate it. You do not make comics for ”someone” you create them for the people.


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