I’m Spider Man

28 thoughts to “I’m Spider Man”

          1. Sorry Izzy, I just find it hard sometimes to realise that stupidity that large can be contained in any person, yet alone Milan.

          2. Hey, no apologies needed, c’mon. It’s all for a laugh.

            You do realise Milan does this just to get a reaction, right?

            Everyone says outrageous things within their circle of friends that they would never say in polite company. That’s understandable and it’s part & parcel of living in a civilised society.

            However, after “Just the tip”, I would be reluctant to consider Toonhole as polite company. 🙂

    1. I imagine Milan is the hairspray and lighter, which would make Izzy Mary Jane, and Peter Parker the comment section, this comic is the spidey suit… and I’m the Lava lamp butt-plug…

        1. Just when I thought your lazy race-baiting was getting stale, you come out with a gem like ‘spic-pit’… You’re a beautiful snowflake Milan, don’t let anyone tell you different.

        1. Now I cannot unsee the Lava Lamp as being a Butt Plug. This is not helped by its positioning in the last panel.

  1. I lack a clever retort to Milan’s comments so I’m just going to say that I thoroughly enjoy the style on this one. I dig it.


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