I’m Not Racist, But

10 thoughts to “I’m Not Racist, But”

  1. oooooooo you guys are really tapping right into the vein of the zeitgeist with this one. i guess if you’re going to be unimaginative, progressive unimaginative is more lucrative than vulgar unimaginative

      1. How is calling something “unimaginative” at all “Edgy”? Or are you just using epic meme ad hominem?
        Mind if I give it a shot?
        U MAD. *attaches an image macro of a celebrity making a face with patronizing text”
        Heh, nice try, kid *tips fedora*
        Don’t tangle with an old meme pro like myself (; *posts pedobear*

  2. I’m not racist, but my friend’s hard drive is dying and she needs to get a new one while also probably changing the RAM. I’m not sexist either, but we won’t be able to play new games together until she gets the parts from Amazon. I am classist, though; science is totally more interesting than social studies.


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