I Want To Be Famous

25 thoughts to “I Want To Be Famous”

          1. I’m having fun with him.

            You know, I’m really sick of this “ban, silence, block, ignore” mentality.

            Deal with other people & their different opinions, even if they’re assholes & stop whining.

          2. I never said to ban him or silence him. And I never complained about what he said, I told the people that ARE whining, to ignore him… not too smart yourself are you?

    1. This is why I only let magical, talking fish who reward you for letting them go free grant my wishes. So far, I’ve gotten zero bad results from telling them my wishes!

  1. If y’all keep responding to Milan’s shitposting, he’s going to keep doing it. Ignore him and he will go away… he’s not a virus, he’s a parasite…


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