How Do We Explain To The Children?

28 thoughts to “How Do We Explain To The Children?”

  1. If I may nitpick, I think with all the gay characters in every single show, movie, game, etc., lately, everyone is quite aware men can AND WILL literally fuck each other up the butt.

    With that in mind, a more poignant and topical – and quite probably controversial (as bleeding edge comedy should be) – joke, would be one that would be constructed around the punchline of “How am I supposed to explain my heterophobia to my child?”

    Nevertheless, the art and pacing are, as usual, quite good, and the joke still works quite well, just as we expect from Toonhole.

    1. While they might be able to make a good joke out of it, the “straight people are the ones REALLY being discriminated against” fantasy isn’t exactly poignant or topical.

        1. In what way are you discriminated against? Or was that an attempt to mock those you think are claiming discrimination based on feelings alone?

          1. Well, I’m constantly demonised for being who I am, regardless of the fact that I have never harmed or discriminated against anyone.

            My opinion is mocked and disregarded, not because I’m an asshole (which would be a pretty valid reason), but because I am “cis”, or whatever it is I’m being derisively branded this week.

            Is this enough? Or do I have to be assaulted/beaten up on the street? Will it even make a difference for you if I am?

        2. Yeah, fair enough, there are some extremists lurking in the depths of tumblr that spill out into the rest of the internet sometimes and can be described as genuinely heterophobic. Although you kind of make it sound like that kind of discrimination is mainstream/institutionalized, in which case, where do you live that this is the case?
          And as I said earlier, due to the differences in both how widespread it is, and how serious it sometimes gets, there is really no comparing homophobia and heterophobia.

          (In case you are wondering why I responded to an earlier comment instead of the newer one, for some reason the website won’t let me)

  2. Mostly toonhole comics are good and funny, but please, guys, enough with this homosexuality glorification. Even the gay culture starts to hate artists/comedians that are doing this, as you are pushing this in the direction even we don’t feel comfortable anymore – even previously neutral and peaceful people start to get angry on LGBT culture due to overwhelming amounts of propoganda that ‘supporters’ of LGBT community is producing to ‘help’ us. Everyone has their own sexual preferences, we get it, but please stop pushing this down to every-bodies throat. You are making everything worse for ALL of us.

    1. *sigh* I was one of those neutral and peaceful people(No i’m not hostile, just agitated.), but in the recent years it’s just gotten more and more irritating to see this kind of stuff everywhere. Feels like there’s really no escape, even old things get remade with LGBT shoved into it.

      1. We just have to remember most gay and/or trans people are not to blame for this.

        It’s often upper middle-class, white-guilt ridden twats who insist they now better than anyone else & elect themselves as speakers on behalf of minorities.

        THOSE are the ones deserving of a nice, good old verbal hostility.

        1. Thanks for the reminder. It’s easy to forget certain people take advantage of whatever they can or bandwagon on anything for popularity or trying to seem like the good guys so they can be a bit selfrighteous, when you’re not that into politics. PC (political correctness) culture has kind of gotten out of whack. Just thought i’d clarify, but i wouldn’t make anyone feel bad just because of their preference like that, it’s just annoying to be forced or told to be tolerant when you’re already neutral and treat everyone the same regardless.

          1. Oh, it’s even worse to be called a bigot/racist/*phobe just because you’re not treating the minority of the week better than anyone else, while assaulting the big bad white cishet male.

            And no, you don’t even have to be remotely involved in politics. They will come for you, anyway. They will come for anyone who doesn’t pass their purity tests.

    2. How are they pushing anything down your throat with this comic? They are making a joke about homophobia, which is still a thing that very much exists.


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