12 thoughts to “How Do I Look?”

  1. it’s a nice one, and the panel 2 creature looks very nice

    i love it when you guys bust out the detailed stuff

  2. Long as there are insecure people, there will always plastic surgeons willing to take their money.

    But hey beauty is subjecti……*looks at panel 2*….ehhh maybe not.

  3. Damn funny, and honestly some impressive detail work in panel 2.

    On a more serious note, wow, just… step back a second a think what it might feel like to be one of these unhappy souls. Like her, or guys addicted to pumping iron or half a dozen other “self-perfection” addict types out there. Like… those people don’t go quietly into the night, you know? It’s like they run from it all their life doomed to fail and end up whimpering away their death terrified of each grey hair, each loose wrinkle, each blemise and each weakness.

    Just kind of horrifying to see, like seeing a slow-motion car crash when you know it ends in misery and fear. F’ it, enjoy life, you know? Exercise is good for me so I do it, and plus a good exercise is a super awesome free endorphin rush for hours so I enjoy that too, but daaaang. Addiction is scary, regardless of what form it hits you in. Just my odd musing for the night, good night all.

  4. People put themselves through extreme discomfort for different reasons, beauty being one of them; it may not be the reason for you, but mocking others simply because you have other priorities seems rather…shallow. Of course, it’s a joke, I get that. I’m only referring to the comment area, which reflects how people react to the joke.
    There are so many hidden benefits for being good-looking. I know some people that go through plastic surgery to find better jobs, as we generally give attractive people an easier time.

    1. Problem is plastic surgery often makes you look worse, and many cases people use plastic surgery as a “short-cut” to proper diet and exercise. Besides, beauty is subjective and varies from culture to culture. There are people into fat bodies, feet, anorexia, extra body parts, and just about everything.

      Plastic surgery while not always, it is usually an act of vanity. If you’re born a mutant, then I can understand. If you’re lazy that’s another matter entirely.

      On an off-note I don’t treat someone better because they’re attractive. Anyone who does is a shallow piece of shit.

    2. Besides, if you’re doing it for someone else then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. In short stop trying to impress shallow pieces of shit who aren’t worth impressing for the sake of “fitting in”.

  5. Aww come on, some of those arent bad! Lasik? I mean thats not so much vain as wanting to be able to see all the time. I hate my glasses but just the idea of not having to be blind without them is a dream to me. A few of the others are for feeling pretty, but some like the vein removal and laser hair surgery, it isnt hurting anyone and if it makes her feel more confident then why not? its not surgery or anything plastic.


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