21 thoughts to “High Heels”

    1. Totally. This is not really Toonhole’s style. It finds no humor in somebody’s stupidity, vulgarity, or pain. I… like it, but it doesn’t fit the mold.

  1. Won’t lie, the woman in the wheelchair seems better looking than the walking one. Heels won’t help solve that color mismatch; red hair and that dress? :/

      1. Nah. It just means we have a working sense of aesthetics. We’d probably be gay if we brought into consideration the fact that she doesn’t even have a purse, I mean, like, seriously?

  2. I’m torn, on one hand I feel disgusted by the view/joke regarding the specific theme. Meaning that due to her ability to walk, creating an illusion of arousal – High heel’s, walking slow-paced just for the looks and grins. – on the other hand, I find it sweet that he still showed some decency towards his wife/date. Um… could someone help me decide which emotion I should lash out in?.


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