Halloween Costumes

36 thoughts to “Halloween Costumes”

  1. and then i catch myself thinking…
    what about before 9th grade?.. did the slutty costumes appear gradually, or did they just suddenly show up in 9th grade?..

  2. ah, Halloween~
    the normal time to dress up pretty slutty~
    hell, i’ve seen female version of Harry potter~
    they’ll make anything slutty looking~
    as it goes, Sex sells large amounts, haha~
    i’m not complaining~!

  3. I thought you were cool when I read the lesbian comic (with the guy thinking it’s hot the entire time) but this one reeks of slut-shaming.

    Assuming a woman is sexually promiscuous because of how she dresses is a practice that has been done since the last…I don’t know, 200 years?
    Congratulations on maintaining the status quo.

    1. We’re still cool, Derek! You just gotta look past the K-mart jeans and imitation Vans.
      But on a serious note, these are just JOKES made from our observations. I don’t think anyone is coming here for lessons on being a good person.


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