16 thoughts to “Growth Ray”

  1. I assume you would not expect to publish this comic without some smartass pointing out how a growth ray could hardly cure cancer.

    A funny strip, as always, though 😀

    1. Hadn’t seen it… yeah, he probably IS just trying to heal the cancerous growth in his groin area…

      I have a dirty mind, I didn’t see it 😛

      1. Wait… there’s a reverse switch? Why would you let such a reckless, sexless genius near that? Should we call him Marcie from now on?

    2. I believe what they were getting at is that by making the cells bigger they could more easily study them and gain more of an understanding of how cancer really works… I assume so anyway.

  2. Smith: Now that I have a 10 inch member, just a couple of other things to grow
    Nye: What do you mean
    Smith: You’ll see. Hey, Amy!!! Come here!!!


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