13 thoughts to “Gross Habit”

  1. Well the son *could* buy milk in a plastic bag, so it’s really his fault for his dad asphyxiation masturbation…

  2. Ah Toonhole… I used to read your comics with pleasure on a regular basis. That was around the time of the multi-panel frog story. After a while the jokes started getting stale & predictable, so I laid off.
    Now that I come back, I can still predict exactly what the last panel of a joke will be before seeing it. No offense, but perhaps you should step up your game or just use a lame joke generator to autopublish your comics. Good luck

    1. There’s “lame joke generator” out there?!!
      I’ve been writing my own lame jokes this whole time like a sucker!

      hey, thanks for the feedback. It’s been 6 years, but I’m feeling good about year 7. Stick with us.


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