33 thoughts to “Grim Raper”

  1. Lol, this is great, couldn’t take him seriously with that on the end. But I think this has inspired a new costume as well as a fetish.

    1. This is the most original spin on an interpretation of this comic I’ve read yet. Maybe he doesn’t even use the modified scythe because his victims laugh themselves to death.

      1. Narwhal, let’s keep it cool in here.

        Colleen: The gag isn’t too much about rape to me, and it shouldn’t be that I’m condoning such an act. I thought it was more of a pun, and how the stereotypical costume could easily be tweaked to illustrate said pun. I can appreciate your sensitivities to the topic, however.

        1. Chris, I’ve enjoyed your comics in particular with every visit here. With your comments, I find I like you more and more as a fellow person. Thank you. Now, back to the drawing board with ye!


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