Great Conversation

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  1. … and I always find that I’m generally the first person to truly appreciate any piece of art that I find here, and that I can really connect with the artists on a personal level and find myself in the mindframe they were in as they created it. I suppose that the others who come to this gallery just don’t understand the deeper meanings and subtleties of the artist and their message, and don’t understand life as I do. It was likely the course I took in college on interpreting and understanding art and the mind which allows me to connect with these pieces so fully…

    1. … although perhaps it is my dedication and deep belief in personal self-improvement which means that so many respect my outlook on life and my intense passion for the artistic world. Of course, we can’t ignore my strikingly good punctuality and ability to be the first person to comment on such a piece, and to therefore invigorate the discussion around the material at hand. I suppose that’s why so many flock to read my comments, and yet often only the artist themselves is capable of thinking on a level high enough to warrant their input, but I digress.

      What was the question again?

    1. I’ll bet he will! Would you believe that he inherited that mouth from his Mother? His family crest actually has a mouth on it and that speaks for itself in my opinion, since you mentioned crests I might as well add that the family didn’t arrive on the Mayflower, no no no, they arrived on their own boat! And it was much fancier than that nickle and dime store Mayflower boat! Why my Father even BUILT a boat that was more stable, finely crafted, expensive, magnificent than that ragtag excuse for a sh…..

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