20 thoughts to “Gender Identity”

    1. You’re acting like SJWs don’t get offended by “their” as well. SJWs get offended at everything because it’s how they show how progressive and tolerant they are, not because they sincerely care about marginalized people’s feelings.

      1. Yeah because you totally have an idea about how the evil “SJW” works. Why don’t you go back to your #gamergate and kotakuinaction so you can keep crying about how women and supposed sjw’s are evil and want to take away your video games while the rest of us keep reading Toonhole’s awesome comics.

        1. You know that this particular comic was pointing out how stupid it is to get angry over someone congratulating you on celebrating having a baby boy, right. You realize that the comic was making fun of people who get all irrational over something as insipid as gender, which a lot of faux transgender kiddies on the internet are quick to do, right.

          You realize that you’re the joke, right. Not because you’re transgender, but because you’d get offended over something as stupid as this, right.

    2. “Their” can only refer to two or more things or people. It is always wrong to use “their” with a single person.
      “It” may be demeaning but at least it doesn’t break the English language.
      We need another alternative. “It” is demeaning and “they” is just wrong. It cannot possibly be used for one person.

      1. Not true, the singular “they” has been used since the 14th century in English, and only relatively recently fell out of style with the rise of the generic “he” in the 19th century.

  1. these kids & their wacky “genders” back in MY day we only had TWO–man & housewife–and that’s how we liked it!! *chews on cigar, collects social security*

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