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  1. Silly Anon’s Treatise on comic guy’s nationality
    Evidence A: Suicidal maniac inexplicably has a gun
    Evidence B: Vain enough to kill himself because bald.
    Evidence C: Long, greasy hair+Sweatshirt combo
    Evidence D: ‘Nuclear family dad’ at 40
    Conclusion: He’s from Canada’s Pants

  2. So can he go back & unshoot himself???

    I watched a time travel movie recently, can’t remember the name, where a Time Anti-Crime Agent meets a man in a bar who was abandoned on the steps of an orphanage as a baby. He’d had a sex change in his 20’s as he used to be a woman. He’s upset about a man she met years ago as a teen, when he was still a woman, who abandoned her after getting her pregnant. Then when the baby was born he was abducted form the hospital.
    The outcome: He/she got to go back in time to when he’she met the man. Turns out he met herself & he was the man that got herself pregnant. Then when the baby was born the future him/her took the baby from the hospital to an orphanage. So the baby was him/her who got him/herself pregnant & gave birth to herself. When she was grown up in the future after the sex change it turns out it was his futre self that met him in the bar at the beginning. So many time lops it was confusing.
    Oh look how much I’ve typed… Just wanted to share the awesomeness of time travel… 😀

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