23 thoughts to “Fuck Bot 5000”

  1. At least she will be able to “screw up” the life of men again.

    By the way, when will the Ikea model will be available?

  2. I feel so sorry for that guy. The one woman who he would expect to not reject him and he can’t even put her together. Sounds like Milan actually!

      1. The correct term is “woman”, you sexist bigot! Women are more than soft, warm, lascivious, sensuous body parts, you know? Why, some of them are almost as smart as you or me.

      2. Seeing that ToonFool deleted his avatar, I hope he didn’t take my post seriously. I was just messing with him.

        In fact, I’d like to take this opportunity to say I hope no one takes my posts too seriously, it’s all light banter & playful mocking. Something that would be preposterous to point out as recently as 10 years ago, but there you go. Sensitivity levels are way too high these days. Once again, America screws it up for everyone else, thanks!


        1. I have no idea why my avatar disappeared? I think they deleted my account, well fuck. But yes, you did hurt my feelings :'(

  3. This reminds me of an Isaac Asimov short story about people fed up with building things using tons of screws, gears, slots and tabs that require reading blurred, illegible instructions. So they send in a request for a robot that will build for them. The robot arrives in a box…in pieces. It requires assembly using screws, gears, slots and tabs and has blurred, illegible instructions.


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