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  1. The monster in the book was un named and referred to only as ‘the monster’. The person who created the monster was called Frankenstein.

      1. I guess I have to get my wife to sign up for reddit. Last time I gave her a hard time, nothing happened 😉

        Oh dear, I didn’t really say that, did I?


      1. Maybe I was one step ahead of a discussion about religion: it turns some (NOT ALL) people into monsters.


  2. I’m pretty curious by now, but what do you guys use to draw your cartoons? Photoshop? And then Flash for animating? I really want to at least try making a comic. Thanks!

    1. Hey Nick. A lot of our comics are inked by hand using brushes or croquill (dip) pens and ink on illustration board or bristol. A lot of them are digitally colored but some are just straight watercolors.

      Animation is a combo of Photoshop for backgrounds, Flash for characters, and After Effects for compositing and effects. If you have any more specific questions or work to show, don’t hesitate to contact us! I’d love to see what you’re workin on!

      1. And just when they think they can win, he grunts “OBJECTION” and gets right back into the fray.
        His theme song is Don’t Fear the Reaper.

    1. We all went to Cal State Fullerton and studied animation. But a big part of our college education was trial and error, and teaching ourselves a lot by just doing it. College can help tho, because you are forced to concentrate so much of your time to doing this. Some people thrive off that external motivation

  3. I discoverd this a couple of months ago, and now i have checked every comment from the begining. They are so funny!

  4. This reminds me of a line in “Shriek If I know what you did last friday the 12th”, it was in a class where the teacher asked: “Now, who knows if Frankenstein was circumcised?”

    I guess this answered that!

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