30 thoughts to “Football Kicker”

  1. Why does the guy look so nervous for all his kicks? He’s a perfect 100% so far! He could have a professional career in China!

  2. so i wrote two longer texts before, but deleted them and just wanted to say: “sorry but toonhole gets lamer.”.
    its not just this strip – the others before arent any better _imho_.
    i want gore, sex, drugs, rock and roll. like in early days you know.
    nowadays i look at your comics and think “meh…”.
    just wanted to mention this. no troll rant!

    1. Thanks for the feedback 2910, I really take this stuff to heart. I think that we kinda go in cycles, and right now I’m burnt out on some of that stuff. Don’t worry, gore and the rest of it will definitely come back into the fray soon. Hope you keep reading : )

  3. I have an inside joke with my best friend that involves the last two panels only the guy was a doctor who touch downed the baby

  4. Chris, you glorious bastard.
    I have ultimately found that your comics are much more funny than the comic site that led me here, explosm.net. I find myself literally laughing out loud at much of your work, and I have to say, bravo.
    Keep up the good work, you insane animator.

    1. I think that’s because it’s aimed a different audience. Cyanide and Happiness I think has a more general audience . Where this site tends to be testosterone soaked. What with the gore, penis,sexist and drinking jokes. The art of course is more colorful and detailed here but still I’m not prudish or nothing, but I guess I”m not enough of a tomboy to understand why kicking a baby ( I’m assuming intentionally) is funny. Had it been played slightly different ( like as an accident or something ) then it maybe would have been more funny to me. *shrugs*

        1. I’m just saying the humor has a different audience is all. This site has a more specific audience, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying you’re probably more part of this specific audience, therefore you find more of his stuff funny.

      1. I think we try to stray away from just shock humor. The joke for me was that his day job is kicking a football, and it’s his reaction to ANYTHING in his life that he’s handed. But here I go explaining jokes, which always makes them better, right?


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