Flammin’ Hot

9 thoughts to “Flammin’ Hot”

    1. It’s not super funny, or even ‘ha ha’ funny. More of a ‘heheh, yeeaaah, … yup,” type of funny. That common frustration of eating cheetoes or cheezeballs or something similar and realizing your fingered are all covered in the powder and you don’t have anything to rub it off with. Then the mischievousness of wiping it off in your SO’s hair, turning it orange and (in this case) spicy. Reminds me suddenly of the Manchild-in-Chief of the USA right now.

  1. You know, that made me realise I haven’t seen such a joke (you know – lack of a pun or some cultural/political comment) on Internet in quite a time. And it made me smile, so thanks!

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