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    1. I think there is no problem with mkiang a new baby registry. I did that for my second pregnancy. Although they were twin boys, there were still some things that we needed that I wished I would have had the second time around. Also, it’s helpful for you to be able to keep track and make decisions regardless of whether you have a shower for each kid or not. It seems like it is more widely accepted to have showers for each baby, they all deserve to be celebrated and if nothing else you could have a diaper shower if you are doing disposables or a frozen food shower (to store up meals for after the baby comes).The other good thing about mkiang a new registry is many stores will give you coupons and discounts for starting a registry. If you don’t feel like you need anything else, I wouldn’t worry about it then. +1Was this answer helpful?

  1. I love your style of drawing!

    so…Mind if I use it for a comic of my own? I could totally show you if you’d be cool with me using it.

    And if you say no, then I just won’t show you 😛


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