27 thoughts to “Fairy Tale Ending”

    1. use a US based proxy site to get around the UMG block if outside the US. The best is hidemyass.com – just go there, put this url in, and it will take you there, registering your IP as if it was in Texas.

        1. Awesome, Marie, we’re glad to have you. Pick anywhere you want on the couch. Don’t mind the empty beer bottles. Oh, and the toilet runs if you don’t jiggle the handle. Make yourself at home!

    1. I imported the footage into ADOBE flash and drew the animation frame by frame. I shot my footage at 24 frames a second. Then I exported the animation plates separate from the footage, brought the footage and the animation plate into After Effects where I composited the two together. Threw color correction on top to unify the two sources, and then had magic man Tony Orozco finish off the audio.


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