19 thoughts to “Excuses”

  1. Awesome 😀 also I felt totally related to the kid, I hated “partying” with my class, those guys SUCKED.

  2. Wait, if he had excuses, that means he was lying, right?. But, he wasn’t lying because he does have a lo of reading to do. Reading to find excuses, that is.

  3. I just read through the whole archive of these comics, and they fucking suck. Only the sex appeal kept me going.

    What made me cringe the most is the comments, though.

    1. Well, if you read the whole archive, they probably didn’t suck at all, or else you would’ve stopped reading xD

      I agree that some are far better than others, but that’s the risk of having to draw 3 updates a week. I can’t expect every comic to be better than the previous one.

  4. This is a little weird folks…I’ve actually used this excuse not too long ago…also for a party.

    Well cya, I need to scan my apt. for cameras. 😀


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