18 thoughts to “Evolution?”

  1. Ha! This must have happened a million times before a really stupid one came along, stayed up there, and begat mudskippers.

    Fantastically drawn splash, by the way, with underwater bubbles and everything. I can just hear it.

    1. Shakespeare basically invented the romantic comedy, hip hop is awesome and great to dance to, and religion… well at least it gives people hope.

    2. Yeah, surely anyone who makes laugh at shit-hop is gay. ‘Cause hip-hop is so freakin’ masculine, that it just spews testosterone all around.
      You know, apes like to bounce too.

  2. I like this, but why is hip hop in it? Mainstream hip hop sucks, as everything mainstram does. But there’s lots of great underground artists.

      1. -smirks- Probably were some nice religions at a point. You know ones that didn’t tell you to kill and convert people from other religions forcefully. Wonder what happened to them…

  3. this is the first thing that ever offended me on the internet…
    Don’t fucking bash hip hop just because there are “musicians” like lil’ wayne etc…

    I never had anything against metal or rock even though it’s totally not my type of music. Hip Hop has brought better lyricists than poetry..

    1. Shaggadally, don’t be offended because somebody has a different opinion than you. That closes the discussion, and eliminates the possibility for discourse between you and the other person. What if you have valid points they hadn’t considered, or vice versa? Being offended thwarts all of that.

      That being said, I think there’s a lot of hip hop out there that I like. At a convention in San Francisco, Aesop Rock even dropped by our booth and picked up a book.

      Lastly, it’s just a joke : )


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