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  1. Just to send him to space it would cost more than let him there ! But, create a society to help them would cost something too !!! Let them do want they want ! Don’t give them money !

    Useless the mug you! That’s okay and legit

  2. Is this a dig at how we handle the current situation with homeless people? We ignore them, kick them to curb, treat them like shit and make it impossible or at least monumentally difficult to reintegrate into society?

    In general it would cost a tiny fraction to house, feed, and care for homeless than the current system which is “too bad, you’re fucked”. Because taxpayers end up footing the bill for things like policing the areas they frequent, ambulance and hostpital services for people who either died from exposure or almost died, etc.

    And… shelters often have “no drug, no alcohol” policies in place but when shelters are offered that don’t say “you’re life choices are shit so we won’t help you” people tend to use less drugs and alcohol when treated like adult humans.

    If you’re out on the street, good luck finding a job that’ll even consider you. Employers will pretty much demand you provide an address, be clean and well groomed which may or may not be feasible if you live in a box and have to carry all your possessions on your back.

    We put up all kinds of safety nets for physical danger. We don’t have any safety net to prevent people from being homeless. If you have no family, no friends with extra space and you lose your job you’re a couple paychecks away from a long bout of homelessness.

    1. I was homeless for two years, full on sleeping behind buildings or on benches. No matter where I went, I got arrested for sleeping there. I don’t live in NY or anything, but it is a collage town. It is hard getting a leg up, but I think that no one helping me is what got me motivated to do something about my situation.

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