Equal Work Equal Pay

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      1. Yeah, problem is that women are not paid less. Even “on average”. Women get paid on average the exact same as men for the same work, at the same companies, for the same hours.

        Trying to distort a direct comparison by claiming women get paid less “on average” between oil rig workers and waitresses doesn’t magically make the pay gap myth any more valid.

        Especially when male waiters have the same “average gap” when you “compare” them to female oil rig workers

      2. women aren’t being paid less on average, they earn less on average, mostly because in general women choose degrees in university which offer lower paying jobs than degrees men choose. Despite that however, a single 25 year old woman will make more than a single 25 year old man on average

  1. Sorry but even in an almost 3rd country like mine (Spain) women got paid exactly the same than men in my former workplace.

    1. As a fellow spaniard I’ll say you wouldn’t belive how underdeveloped are the USA in some social issues, even when compared to Spain.

          1. I feel like this comment just proves my point. A European will literally make retarded posts like this and sincerely believe that it’s a clever retort.

          2. I feel like this comment just proves my point. An American will literally make retarded posts like this and sincerely believe that it’s a clever retort. xD

  2. Funny if you understand the joke.
    The man gets $1 as a bill and is happy, the woman gets $1 as 4 quarters (4x $0,25) and is not happy cause she is a woman. 😉

    But yea, this was true a long time ago. Not saying it’s still not happening someplaces, but for the most part it’s old news.

    Why don’t you continue this comic with … man having to pay for dinner, cinema, food, present, …

      1. But then, wouldn’t it be cheaper for the boss to hire ALL women, and pay them 75%, since they do the same job?

    1. “Jewess tumblr-tier feminists”….The mind fairly boggles when confronted with such profound douchebaggery. I don’t even give a rats ass about whether this equal pay debate, but… yeah… please kill yourself in a way that makes a closed casket funeral necessary

    1. Sure, “fixed” – or rather showed your involvement in the real ongoing problem.

      Guys on the #mensright bandwagon are… either amusingly pathetic or disturbingly blind. I’m just waiting for some fool to come out with “Not all male employers…” or some such rot.

      1. “Sure, “fixed” – or rather showed your involvement in the real ongoing problem.”

        And what “real ongoing problem” would this be? The wage gap, which has been thoroughly debunked numerous times by nearly every economist or statistician who has looked into it?

        Heck, the preceding comments contain about a half-dozen links to either reputable sources or articles/videos citing reputable sources, all of which are debunking the wage gap claims.

        1. (Whoops — it was only two links here. I was following links from those sites, so I misremembered more of them as being from here.)

    2. If you’re implying that men work a whole lot, just saying.. so do women too. It can be viewed from both sides. My Dad’s coworker at Mayo Clinic is a single mom raising 3 kids. He’s grateful that when patients come in at 3am in the morning that she answers and turns up at work.

  3. You think this comic is just about gender equality? Its also about racial equality. The minorities didn’t even get hired!

  4. The thing here is, in Wisconsin it is okay to pay men more than women, because the men have to “pay for” the family, while the women are “working at home”. My mom is a physician at a notable hospital and she’s currently being paid less than other male physicians. Also, before I get hate, I want to point out that I am indeed a guy. Thank you.

    1. I think pay should be equal regardless of sex, where I work it is. However in a lot of double income families the Man’s wage is as you say “Our” money, the family money, whereas the woman’s money is often viewed by the woman as “Her” money. At least this has been my observation regarding many couples I know who both work

  5. Anybody notice that they’re hired by two different people? Related maybe, but the guy on the right has darker hair and is fatter/shorter, at least in relation to the desk and (statistically) shorter person he’s at eye-level with. Maybe she’s doing a job that has the same amount of paper involved but legitimately pays less, or has a stingier employer. Also, if it’s the same guy, they could have different jobs in the same workplace. Either way, if they’re being paid in single bills or less then this took place many MANY years ago and what she’s got is more than enough to take care of her affairs.

    Just sayan.

  6. It’s not really that women don’t get paid equally, but aren’t offered the same opportunities as men at least in the country I’m from (China). Many companies, including the national TV and newspapers openly claim that they don’t want women for their new openings and get no trouble from it.

    1. Yeah, it’s the same in Canada and the States, minus the openly saying “women need not apply” (usually).

      In a totally free market, this would cause a wage gap through supply and demand of labour (men get paid more to do work women aren’t hired for because of the smaller labour pool, making the pool of available working women larger and reducing their “worth”), but unequal pay is illegal now.

      (Side note: I’ve actually heard some economists saying the wage gap still exists, while others say otherwise. Does anyone here have studies showing anything definite?)

    2. That’s because men don’t get “offered” opportunities. They know they have to beat others to get to them, and make opportunities.
      Any man working hard “waiting for his opportunity” is going to waiting right behind the woman doing the same.

  7. you forgot to show the part where she gets pregnant and lives 5 years longer then the average man!

    man time is more precious cause women live longer

  8. Totally agreed. Equal work for equal pay. Did you know manufacturing is over 70% male, and construction over 90% male. Funny that these two divisions take up a huge portion of middle class incomes yet when you look at female dominated fields it ends up being ones like call centers/retail, primarily lower class incomes. Hence the offset. I think honestly gender equality should be across the board, and promoting men over higher qualified women is atrocious and should result in a trial and compensation, however I work in the roofing industry, which according to the DoL and my personal experience, is less that 2% female.

  9. I had forgotten about this comic.

    Oh well, at least you’re getting your comeuppance in the form of Milan, John.

    It’s Karma, Destiny or just a plain ol’ Act of God.


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