19 thoughts to “Edgy Comics”

      1. Ya mean that shit ain’t no pipe? Woah, dude!

        *does the mind blown thing with a hand and an explosion sound and stuff*

  1. Is this supposed to be some sort of Stage 3 in the ‘pretentious troll’ cycle?

    Stage 1: say something inflammatory whose message you nevertheless stand behind.

    Stage 2: receive virulent backlash in proportion to the cancer of your original statement.

    Stage 3: laugh at the people who reacted to you, and act like you triggered some snowflakes instead of got your bullshit refuted.

    If you want to troll people with this pattern, go ahead, but you need to cut out the “whose message you nevertheless stand behind” part of Stage 1, because otherwise you make it pretty clear that the actual snowflake is you. And shit, maybe this is a better-concocted troll than I thought, and I fell into it. But sure looks like the *nervous laughter* “You’re such a snowflake.” *sweats profusely* kind.

    1. Yea, like it isn’t propaganda when you get backlash. What the hell happened to this site? Coolest name on the web, had extremely good comics and now what? What have you done to your selves Toonhole?

  2. I’m thinking if the comics are weed then an overdose of crack are…well, SOMEONE’S comments on said comics. (Not naming names)

      1. You are.

        I don’t know what I don’t know because I don’t know I don’t know it, and my mom always said to me “Boy, you a fool”.

        1. Fine, I’ll give you a hint: the first letter of his name is the same as the first letter of the last name of a person whom the former constantly slanders…now if It’s cool I’m deporting myself to Canada. XP

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