Eat Your Turkey

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  1. American aboriginals were the first demographic in history to *not* be killed off by their conquerors… since despite this they couldn’t help murdering, raping and kidnapping our people in addition to their own, something had to be done.


    1. You are incredibly ignorant if you believe this. I understand that education system may have failed you, but you should try to educate yourself in this matter.

      1. And if you don’t believe this, you’re probably an ignorant savage whose history is only told in biased oral accounts. There were countless massacres from both sides. Feel free to move the goalposts to feel like you’re winning the argument, like your people tend to do.

    1. No, Joel, we don’t. After all most people here are already celebrating Christmas itself – just like the opposing troops did together.

      1. Ah ok, cause That’s what Thanksgiving basically is here in the USA, a biased and embarrasingly dated holiday masking the sick massacre that actually went on, like how ‘cinco de Mayo’ is actually the 15 of september in Mexico in terms of independance (USA prefers the former simply because Mexico beat the French). Thank you for clarifying.

          1. So I’m a woman now? SWEET! 😀 In that case, I can verify that we as women have been having a field day with those sex misconduct accusations out of butthurt cock envy, and only do that because men will fall for our slutty charms and allow us to use the law to bully them like the anonymously PMSing cowards this country lets us be.
            Thank you, Milan. ^^

  2. All of them died so you could have delicious turkey, so shut the fuck up & gorge yourself, else their sacrifice has been in vain.

    Damned spoiled upper-middle class American teenage brats.

    1. You either deny them an education and they end up as ignorant as the parents that raised them, or you educate them with knowledge you had no access to in your days and they end up ‘spoiled’ for denying the life you would’ve killed for because thanks to that same knowledge, that same life is not enough for them anymore according to their ‘educated’ train of thought. -.-

      1. You can and SHOULD educate people.

        Just be aware you will have no control over what people do with their newfound knowledge.

        … which is why morals are kind of essential, maybe.

  3. …Do you think the Moguls or the Ottomans empire leave them alone as they were if they managed to reach them first.

    Don’t feel guilt for something WHICH WAS A NORMALITY AT THEIR TIME.

    If the Indians were discovered BY ANYBODY ELSE but the whites they would be extinct.

    1. Silly Jinksa, only white men have killed people.

      All other races have always lived happily together with no problems whatsoever, and when the last white man dies, eternal peace will be achieved.

      The sky in my world is rainbows and unicorns.

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