34 thoughts to “Dope Ride”

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  2. I was expecting something to do with drugs. What was I thinking though? No one can anticipate what your punchline will be!
    Dope comic Chris.

  3. The thing I like most about Toonhole is that you don’t give a single fuck about failing – which sets you free to excel. Awesome.

    1. I just look forward to John, Mike and Ryan’s comics.

      Checked out your comics and you got some really funny ones. My favorites were the trans-saur and the couples ones, but they’re all pretty awesome dude

  4. I love how it’s all black and white except for the ride. I also noticed the poor burn victim in the last panel who had his entire face burnt off. Poor guy.

    Also what’s the meaning of OG187? I spent like 30 minutes with my chin in my palm pondering the meaning of it, and I can’t come up with anything.

  5. I love how the guy on the left is so amazed by that ride that his shades lift up without him even touching them


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