Don’t Hit Your Wife

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39 thoughts on “Don’t Hit Your Wife

    1. The lady touched the cop and he took advantage of the opportunity as if she had assaulted him.

      It’s a statement about shitty police officers haha

  1. This comic is wrong on so many levels. I usually like your stuff but this is misogynistic and also sizeism. If the wife had been black instead of fat everyone would CORRECTLY be calling you racist. Racism is not OK, but slugging a woman because she is fat is not only OK but hilarious? I don’t find this gag the least bit funny and I don’t think many other women would.

    1. Sorry you didn’t like this one, Colleen.
      Sometimes my only filter is if the joke makes me laugh. Not everyone is always gonna agree with what’s humorous though.
      We’re hit or miss, but I hope you keep visiting!

    2. Hey Colleen, we appreciate that you still put up with most our hijinx even though you don’t dig this one.

      Post Script:
      Ryan you need more tasteless comics that insult the following:
      1) 20% more bar girls with lower back tattoos
      2) 12% more Asian Doctors jokes
      3) 2% – The Jewish
      4) fat cells. just the cells. Do not include blood, but you can throw an insulin joke in there too once in a while.
      5) 400% more drug traffickers
      6) 32% more Vincent Price jokes.

      but please for the love of God stop drawing me into your comics! Every disreputable character has a 5 o’clock shadow, dark skin and a big nose. haha.

      1. Your comment is wordist because you incorrectly used “sizeism” (it should be “sizeist”). You wouldn’t describe a comment as “racism”, but as “racist”.

        Are all women stupid or just the vocal ones?

          1. did you ever think that maybe the cop was just taken off guard? i mean, that neighborhood looks pretty shady. a wood fence AND a chainlink fence?! ghetto

      2. You need 200% more Vincent Price jokes or just one, one measly Dr.Phibes reference and you would be hailed as the greatest of all webcomix

        1. XylophoneKing, I’m on board with this idea. Very on board.
          I’ll have our team of writers and engineers get started right away and see what I can do. Seriously though, I agree, more Vincent Price at all times.

    3. I do not understand how a person who does not understand absurdism could make it this far into Toonhole.

    4. wow colleen. “hey pot this is the kettle, i don’t know if you know this” apparently i am the only one who noticed she touched the cop. under certain circumstances cops will flip the fuck out. pregnant women get tasered. prone people get beat. i saw this as making fun of the hypocrisy of the police force. they would not hesitate to hit his wife but he can’t. if they had drawn a supermodel with blonde hair would you freak out about abusing blondes? from my perspective this isn’t about the fat chick it’s about the cop.

    5. As an overweight female, I find this comic freaking hilarious. I find all these comics hilarious. Not really sure why, but I do. Calm the hell down grandma

  2. It’s a comic or otherwise a joke. Nothing serious, some people should learn to laugh at others and their own lives more. My life…*looks thoughtful*… oh that is just hilarious! Also I should show this to my “chubby-chaser” friend, he will love it. And, you guys have balls of aggregated diamond nanorods!

  3. This comic is not funny, or ballsy or anything but wrong. It clearly communicates that, “there are circumstances under which it’s acceptable for your wife to get hit”.

    1. Sorry you didn’t like this one, Shawn. We have a long back catalog with something that you might. It should be clear we don’t condone abuse, and we’re just making jokes. But if it needs to be stated, here it is. I can appreciate your sentiment tho, it is a serious topic.

    2. yes. under certain circumstances a cop will knock your wife out or tazer your 8 year old. cops don’t obey the same rules they enforce.

  4. am I the only one that saw the irony in the woman claiming that if it was a black woman everyone would “correctly be calling you racist”? So… if its a black woman or a fat woman its discriminating, but if its a beautiful blonde supermodel no lines are crossed? Toonhole draws a satire of the modern urban citizen, and seeing as obesity is a rising epidemic and america is a meltingpot of races and cultures, they draw a plethora of different characters but every strip involves something offensive in it. How about if you don’t like offensive humor, you stay off of toonhole? If you do enjoy it though, you read it without digging too deep into the message. Its not about fat vs skinny, or white vs black, its about finding humor in everyday situations that end different than we would expect.

  5. I really don’t understand the point in beating your wife, I mean, it’s YOUR wife. You wouldn’t throw a brick through the windshield of your own Porsche would you? So why damage your own wife? Just doesn’t make sense.