Don’t Hit Women

23 thoughts to “Don’t Hit Women”

  1. As the resident woman in the comments, I feel obliged to tell you all that spanks are great, and probably none of you are spanking enough.

    1. Then, by this plot twist, the only one who’s acting like a jerk is Kenny? Don’t be a pussy and slap those poor, innocent cheeks, boy

  2. Dad said not hitting, and though I would “hit that” in a second, spanking is not hitting. So go for it Kenny, just no sex…

  3. haha, I sure hope Kenny never spanks himself or else he’d be disobeying his fathers wishes as well!!!

    (see the joke here is im sayin kenny is a girl for not spanking and uhhh you get it :))))) )

  4. Ginger: Please… for me
    Kenny: I said no.
    Ginger: *grabs Kenny’s hand* come on, you know you want to
    Kenny: *jerks hand away* No means NO!!! *walks away* *comes back* This is my house, you get out!

      1. It’s because that last panel was edited in by someone else. This is the original proper version. You can tell the other was fake by looking at the credits at the bottom, in the fakes it either doesn’t list the creator or it lists the creator twice.

  5. He stared at the kid briefly as the dad waited for an apology, he punched him in the face instead as the dad was still waiting for that apology, and then slammed the door quickly as the dad stood in shock/disbelief


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