13 thoughts to “Dogs Are Stupid”

  1. This isn’t very realistic. There should be about 4 or 5 more Starbucks stores and ads on the last panel

    thx ilu

      1. I EXPECT ONLY THE BEST!!! >:c

        but over the weekend, I noticed two new Starbucks’ are being built in the SAME parking area. One in the Target entrance, one on the opposite side with a drive through. Amazing how coincidental it is, also how much I could go for a FRESH CUPPA JOE FROM STARBUCKSā„¢

        also just wanted to make sure i said i liked comic ok thx bye

  2. You’ve gone daily? When did this happen?

    (and how many strips have I missed following the old mon-wed-fri schedule?)

    1. Right now we’re going 5 days a week because we’re in our Season 2 schedule. We’ve uploaded films on Tues/Thurs. We have a long format comic from toonholemike coming on Tuesdays/Thursdays!

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