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    1. That’s a nice part of ToonHole is that we can do whatever we want. I personally haven’t done much of that stuff lately because I’ve just been writing other types of jokes. I think that adding that kind of material in definitely does narrow the scope of your audience tho, as people aren’t apt to share that stuff on Facebook and with their friends, etc. If I have a good joke that needs something like that, I’m definitely not above doing it tho. Just been on a different kick lately!

  1. I don’t understand how you guys keep making good strips! I mean yeah i’m sure having this as your job and having a team is an obvious help but there can only be so much funny in the world… keep it up toonhole guys.

    1. Wow Nick, thanks! Actually, we all have day jobs and we just do this stuff in our spare time. I WISH we could do this full time. Hopefully if our fans share us and help expand our fanbase, we might be able to do it full time someday. Glad to have great folks like you as readers! If you keep reading, we’ll keep doin’ em!

      1. I counter your wow with another wow! That’s even more mind boggling since you guys have full time jobs else where… Do you guys get any kind of revenue from site views or anything?

        1. We are just looking to revamp our ads and see if we can earn a little more using a service other than Project Wonderful. Hopefully we can!

          We’ve been selling some merch. We have posters we sell at conventions. Just today, ToonHoleRyan released his first book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Leave-Me-Hanging-collection/dp/0991373707/

          I also released a book a little while ago: http://www.amazon.com/Between-Rock-Socially-Awkward-Place/dp/0989196100/

          I still think we’re audience building tho. Having people like you who like us and support us is really important. When those fans who like us show their friends, and we expand our base, that’s really going to help us be more commercially viable. More views means more people to sell our potential merchandise to and make ad money off. If we can get enough people, we could quit our day jobs and release animated content and comics more consistently than we already do! A guy can dream, can’t he?

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