Desparate Junkies

19 thoughts to “Desparate Junkies”

  1. Sorry guys, you can’t really debate this one with snarky comments. I think Ryan hit the nail on the head here. Or needle, as it were.

      1. Well, it’s okay, I’m a good forgiver!

        But I will stab you in your sleep anyways… Or just tell the above junkies that you have their needle. Yeah, that sounds more brutal 🙂

          1. That was more than I ever dreamt of! I can go on happily now!

            On a more serious note though, again, thank you for many laughs through the weeks, keep it up, and that will be a fantastic gift in itself 😉

  2. Ryan, love your panels and how they look. Do you mind if I ask what you use to color them?
    Thanks in advance,


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