Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

16 thoughts to “Dance Like Nobody Is Watching”

      1. You know, I worked hard to ignore Milan’s hate speech, and even began to enjoy it. But a Grammer Nazi is something I will never forgive or tolerate.

          1. I’m American, here you spell however you want, and there ain’t nobody gonna say no differnt.

          1. You’ve got to beshatting me, Milan. We’ve heard your B-shat long enough to know what you’re about. And If I sound butthurt, I am.
            Yesterday I shat on bees.

  1. Maybe… Nobody IS God…. Then… If Everything is God and nobody (then nothing) is God… So God is something since it exist

    That mean that God is everything, something and nothing….


  2. This makes me wonder how pure God is. If he is always watching, then he sees every shit we take, every sexual experience (Milan doesn’t count) every shower we take. He surely has lost his good intentions by then.

    1. Not to mention every war, the atomic bomb dropping, genocide, stock market crash… at this point the world is literally his /b/.


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